Monday, March 2, 2009

Lessons learned from Craig and his addictive list...

It's 2:34 am, and of all times this week (ALL TIMES), precisely right now is when I'm feeling in the "flow"; that feeling that comes over me and says, "yeeessss... I want to write a blog entry".

This morning's topic (and I should apologize for anything I write, as I am delirious and may be catastrophically redundant) is Craigslist, and what I've learned thus far from my four-day obsession.
  1. There are many, many, many ugly couches that exist in this world.
  2. Ugly furniture can easily be disguised by the words "rustic", "unique" or "antique".
  3. I am nervous when people post photos of their furniture outside in their driveway, or what appears to be the middle of the street.
  4. There are many places in North Carolina with interesting names. My recent favorite? "Fuquay Varina".
  5. Even though horse manure, old tires, broken dryers and baby praying mantises may be listed under the "free" section, it doesn't mean that the drive to get them is worth it.
  6. Apparently Pottery Barn is more special than I thought, because most people claim that their furniture is from that store.
  7. Chippendale describes a style of furniture, not just a style of man on a calendar.
  8. Although staying up until 2:34 am does mean I have very little competition if I see any new postings that catch my interest, it is not really worth the wait because everyone in my area appears to be sleeping.


Andrew and Lauren said...

I TOTALLY AGREE! The word "antique" means, "even my grandma doesn't want it anymore...maybe your cat will". I also can't believe how much money people think their junk is worth. In Columbus, people would be asking at least $75 for the lovely couches you have pictured....along with the phrase, "perfect for a college student". I'd rather sit on the floor. I'm so glad to find a craigslist soulmate!

Unknown said...

I shopped the list here for about 3 weeks looking for something under $400, I thought that $400 was a lot to spend on couches in the first place, but I found many in the same condition as the second picture that looked as though a yellowish bottom of a ghost was there, and they wanted so much for them! needless to say, I went to a friend of a friends for thanksgiving, and they had 3 couches in their small house, they said they were trying to see their old ones on craislist. Their were no obvious stains, they were very comfy and well made, so I bought them for $400 delivered.