Thursday, March 19, 2009


There are some things worth waiting for, and spring is one of them. If I had to name the season that I felt was perfectly me, I would say "autumn" in a heartbeat... but this year spring is really growing on me.

And when it comes down to it, it's really all about the natural stuff (and maybe not college basketball). I planted my poppy seeds last week, and little green shoots are already appearing. I'm convinced that being able to grow something is the quickest way to feel like a real winner in life.

And the fruit.... oh wow. Not only are great-looking fruits starting to reappear in the grocery stores, but prices are affordable! Cartons of beautiful strawberries are on sale at Target for $.99, and cantaloupes are $.99 at Harris Teeter (for you local readers). So, we may have gone a bit overboard with six containers of strawberries and five huge cantaloupes all purchased within the past two days, but Marcos' solution? Go back and buy more strawberries.


Marcos said...

My friend Maika says it best:
"I love strawbabies!"

Unknown said...

Hi Metts! :) I LOVE these pictures...they are SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! :) Thank you for sharing a piece of your HEAVEN with us!!! :) Te amo!!! :)