Wednesday, March 25, 2009

9 til 5 = not me

What do Wyclef and I have in common? Neither of us can work a 9 'til 5.

I have been annoying Marcos lately. Wyclef Jean's "Gone 'til November" song has been stuck in my head for days. It may not help that I've added it to my new playlist, but really, I just couldn't say it better. As you may remember, he sings,

"See, you must understand, I cant work a 9 to 5
So I'll be gone til November"

I don't really have anywhere to go til November, but the line before that part has me written all over it. I'm meeting with Jason tonight to brave the world of job hunting, because we are both a little petrified. Scary things are better when they're reframed as social events. Wish us luck.


Gibson Gang said...

Hey Metts,

I haven't been reading blogs lately, and felt a bit "out of it" as far as my friends lives go... so I just sat down to read all of them up to where I remember last reading. Yours took a half hour - but it was happy, creative, tear-filled (i blame the pregnancy), educational, fun, and interesting! Thanks so much for your wonderful thoughts and words. You'll have to make that chocolate pear cake when you're over at my house next week... I wanna learn!

Tay said...

It's possible, but not easy, to establish employment with flexible hours. Work nights? Work part-time? Start your own clinical practice? (then you will be lucky to work "only" 9 to 5).
You are a great writer.