Thursday, May 11, 2017

Podcast Review - Bold New Mom

Have you ever had the experience of reading a book, or listening to a particularly powerful TED talk, or maybe experienced something that has given you a totally new perspective on how you think about the world, and you want to share it with everyone you know?  That is exactly what I am experiencing now, as I listen to the podcast called Bold New Mom.  If I were the boss of the world, I would make it required listening for all humans.

Q: So, what is Bold New Mom?  A: It is a podcast by certified Life Coach Jody Moore.  Her background (in a tiny nutshell) is that she worked for many years as a trainer in corporate America, and was then trained as a Life Coach. As her client base grew and she heard stories about the major transformations that were happening in her client's every day lives, she wanted to reach a wider audience and spread the love even further.  Hence, the podcast.  There are now something like 95 episodes, on all kinds of topics, and each is only 15-30 minutes long - totally doable even for the busiest of us.  My friends and I like to think of it as our free therapy, because her bite-sized, easy-to-understand lessons are based in good psychology, they can be immediately applied to day to day life, and they have given us expanded vision and a much more peaceful approach to life.  The whole way I approach my parenting, my partner, and my conversations with myself has been flipped upside down, for the awesome.  It doesn't mean that I'm always able to magically apply new learning, but I have seen significant shifts in the thoughts and emotions I choose to engage with in my day to day life.

I know that I sound like I'm trying to sell you something, and I know that I can't twist your arm, make you care, or even make you question whether or not you could be living in a fuller way, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway... just because I love you.

So here it is:  If you are experienced at listening to podcasts, this will be a no brainer because from your podcast app you can just type in Bold New Mom and find it, choose the episode you want to listen to, easy peasy.  If podcasts are new to you and technology makes you nervous, you can listen straight from your computer by clicking the play button on the links below.

95 episodes can be daunting, so I've made a list of my favorites to get you started.  I have not listened to all of the episodes, and not all of them even interest me, but I am confident that there is something for everyone.  Here are my top picks, enjoy!

Episode 95: New Listener? Start Here: 5 Lies about how the World Works
Episode 77: How to Have a Difficult Conversation
Episode 39: Parenting with Thought Work
Episode 26: Hard, Harder, Hardest
Episode 84: The Law of Chastity, Shame Free, with Jennifer Finlayson Fife
Episode 82: Brook Castillo on Connection in your Marriage
Episode 63: How to Say No
Episode 10: Self-Care, the Best Gift you can Give Them
Episode 8: Watch Out for All or Nothing
Episode 29: On Loving and Being Loved


Jody Moore is LDS, which means that she belongs to the Mormon church.  This is the church Marcos and I used to attend with our family, and I originally heard about the podcast through my church friends.  Her being Mormon can be really cool for you, if you are also Mormon, or you may feel a little deterred if you are not Mormon.  My experience is that there absolutely have been a few episodes that I have had to stop or skip, but most of them are really accessible and helpful for all people.  Sometimes she uses Mormon jargon or uses a very typically Mormon scenario to illustrate her point, since most of her clientele is Mormon, but hopefully it will not put a damper on your enjoyment of the podcast, because she is AWESOME.  And if it does, that's okay.  She is the first to admit that she is "not for everyone".  If she is not for you, no hard feelings.

Also, it's a shame that this is called Bold New Mom because Dads need to be New and Bold too!  She mainly coaches women, but the principles are universal.  Marcos is going to start listening soon, and I'm so excited to talk with him about it.

Happy Learning!