Thursday, March 26, 2015

Snapshot: Giovanna

Name: Gigi

Current age: Just shy of 5

Current Interests: Fashion, "playing orphans" with Tutu, being read The Little House on the Prairie series, talking about possible themes for her 5th birthday party (so far she has come up with a blueberry theme, clown theme and a Marilyn Monroe theme), playing outside and getting dirty, jokes and silliness, sewing and drawing, peeling and cutting vegetables as a sous chef to whomever is making dinner, hearing us tell stories about our family, making other people laugh, and playing with Orion.

Current Fears: The draft.  She is concerned that the men in her life will be drafted into war.  I don't think this will last long, but it is definitely one of the times I wish I had held my tongue and not given her the "adult explanation".

Some recent gems...

Gigi sits down in the new little rocking chair...
Orion: Ooooo, can I sit?
Gigi: You got to do phone book this morning, and I didn't.  So I'm going to sit because you're not the center of the world.

Gigi, cleaning up the magnatiles in our bedroom...
Gigi: I'm cleaning up right now.  My heart doesn't want to but I am.

Talking about what people have said our family members look like...
Gigi: Well, if Papai is President Obama, then I am a nun.
Me: What?  I don't understand the connection.
Gigi: Remember, President Obama has two daughters and they are nuns?
Me: Are you thinking about Galileo?
Gigi: Oh, yes!  It's Galileo!

Me: And so and so is having a birthday party.  She is turning 5.
Gigi: Wait.  She's bigger than me?  I thought I was bigger than her.  Then why was she kicking and hitting my chair on Sunday?  She knows better.

Chatting in the kitchen...
Gigi: I'm too little to be in love with someone or have a girlfriend or boyfriend!

Gigi: Mom, I thought Bruno Mars got shot while he was doing his talk.
Me: I think you mean Martin Luther King Junior.
Gigi: Oh yeah!  Did some people not like that he said the color of your skin doesn't matter, but only your character?  Were they acting like teenagers?

At the dinner table...
Gigi: I better eat my food because I know Papai wants to go [to FHE at our friends' house] and it's illegal for an adult to leave a child all alone at home, right?

Gigi singing to herself, about the existential question that she grapples with the most...
Gigi: And they all joined hands and tried to go to Heaven because they thought Jesus could tell them how the dinosaurs died...  how the dinosaurs died....

Monday, March 16, 2015

Snapshot: Orion

I haven't captured the kids in a few months, so here goes!  

A friend set up a little Valentines backdrop a few weeks ago to take festive photos for Grandparents, and invited anyone to come and bring their littles, so we gave it a whirl.  I wish I were better at photography, but I like how they came out, because I love that little face.

Name: "Marcos OOOOOwion!"

Current Age: 2 and a few months

Current Strong Interests: the sock fuzz between his toes, friends and new toys, being defiant and ornery, balls, vehicles, puzzles, desserts, saying "I'm tired" and "I'm frustrated", building with legos/magnatiles/blocks, "tough time" with Papai, apologizing, helping out in the kitchen, potty talk with Gigi, talking all the time, the Temple Song, "Brazil songs", and being a big boy.

Things he says: 

Gigi, parenting Orion in the next room.
Gigi: Orion, go to timeout!  One...  Two... -
Orion: No!  You're not the office!

Pretty much every time he is busted and has to apologize.
Orion: I'm sorry for hitting you, Gigi.  Thank you for apologizing, I forgive you.
Gigi: No, I'm supposed to say that!

Asking to go outside last week.
Orion: Can I go outside and play with bubbles?  On the duck?  On the dick?  Out there?
Metta: Oh!  On the DECK.
Orion: Yeah, on the deck.

Orion washing his hands, to Gigi who was crowding him at the sink.
Orion: Give me space.  I'm washing my hands!

Orion, when some friends were over and their baby son was put to bed in Orion's crib.
Orion: I don't want baby Sam in my bed.  It make me upset!

Marcos: Orion, I just gave a talk at the Priesthood Meeting.
Orion: Wow!  That's awesome!

Metta: Orion, you did it!  You are becoming so independent!  Can you say "independent"?
Orion: No!  I don't want to!  I don't want to say independent!

Orion, asking me to put the Pentatonix Little Drummer Boy video on the computer.
Orion: I do the computer?
Metta: No...
Orion: My job is to sit on the sofa!

Orion: There's boogies in there!  I can't breathe very well!

Trying to teach Orion Portuguese.
Metta: "Ce-va-da".
Orion: I can't say that word.  It's kind of tricky for me.