Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Easter 2015.  This year we decided to do a Lenten Fast, which was a first for us.  I fasted from sweets and Marcos committed to going to bed on time, and we made it about 14 days instead of 40, but maybe next year we'll make it all the way to the finish line.  Baby steps...

For the kids, the weeks leading up to Easter meant various egg hunts, spending time with friends and eating candy.  After an egg hunt the Easter baskets were always put up high in the kitchen at night, and inevitably, if Marcos and I decided to sleep in the next morning, we would come down to a kitchen strewn with opened (and empty) plastic eggs, and the tools used to accomplish their design laid out on the floor where the kids left them - stools, the hose of the vacuum cleaner, anything to lengthen those little arms and get down the candy baskets!  The Prieto kids are very, very motivated by sugar.  

(I have no idea where they got that from).

Here are the kids with our friends the Bruesekes, and our little neighbor friend Edon, after the church egg hunt.  

And below is our Easter morning.  We hosted Easter brunch and invited over some friends.  I didn't take any photos of the brunch spread, but it was divine. After brunch we went outside and did yet another egg hunt with the re-re-re-recycled plastic eggs, and the weather was as perfect as can be.  Gigi made out like a bandit this year at all of the egg hunts because she is fast and strategic, but in each hunt she also found a littler kid at the end who didn't have very many eggs, and she shared her loot.  After Easter she articulated that she felt good inside when she shared with others who didn't have as many easter eggs as she did.

Papas and the boys.

After the first egg hunt, Orion knew exactly what it was all about, and it was difficult to get him to keep searching.  After two or three eggs in the basket, he was more than content to stop and eat instead of finding more eggs.

Here are all of the brunch party kids: Pearl, Gigi, Declan, and in the front row Boy Boy, Evan and Orion.

And then I thought, hey everyone looks nice, let's take family photos so that we can all remember this beautiful Easter morning!  My mom with Rosemary and Frank Pierce (our adopted grandparents), Courtney, Scotty, Boy Boy and Evan Lieng, Declan and Spencer Dorsey (Ann is an urgent care doc at Duke and was working that day), Julie, Luke and Pearl Drake, and us of course.   

Happy Easter!