Monday, March 9, 2009

Confessions of an Impatient Shopper

Confession #1: I dislike shopping.

Contrary to the word on the street about women, I generally dislike shopping.

Okay, so a hefty dose of retail therapy can really make me feel superb sometimes, but only if I feel like I'm getting more than I paid for, which really only happens at thrift stores, and grocery stores (on a good day). You know that vision of people wandering through malls, browsing and buying? Well, that's not me at all. I just don't have the patience for it.

But, there is one place where I love to look, and browse, and eat, and test out, and buy. Costco used to be my one and only love, but now it has become IKEA. This week is spring break at UNC, so today we road-tripped it with Nick and Nicole to check out the brand new store in Charlotte, NC. Here are some things I love at IKEA...


Lauren said...

I definitely share this love. Good idea to take pictures. I always feel such a creative jumpstart when I visit that store and then I forget everything when I get home.

Prouses said...

I am glad you liked Nick, Nicole and Marcos and decided to bring them back :)
Isabella would love that shear thing over the bed. She is so very much a princess you know. The train table really brought back memories of when Joshua was a little younger. He was totally addicted to anything trains and Thomas.
Nicole looks really cute... she has totally popped! (I hated when people told me that! LOL)