Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby showers bring more flowers

Last night we celebrated my friend Nicole, and the two little look-alike boys she has growing in her belly. Rebecca and I co-hosted (at her home), and between Rebecca's very classy and simple style and Nicole's request to ixne the ames-gay, it was very low-key and very pretty. And oooh the spread...

Nicole with her moms, who had driven to NC from IN to help Nicole prepare her nursery and join us for the baby shower...

Recipe to follow: An Asiany spinach, pasta, chicken salad. Mmmm...

Nicole and Rebecca and to-die-for cupcakes

Close-up of said cupcakes

Licker of icing-beater of said cupcakes. Meet Joshua, Rebecca's 8-year old son. I showed up early at Rebecca's to help set-up, and was working on a project when Joshua came up to me and said intently, "You've been a good helper. You can lick one of the icing beaters".

My favorite Bittersweet Chocolate and Pear Cake. Click here to bring Heaven into your home.

Me and Nicole.

My camera always finds Kristi's monster dolls

Jill, Rachel, Rebecca and Nicole's mom: just one tiny corner of all who showed up to celebrate with us. Those two boys will have a lot of people to love them when they make their grand appearance!


nicole said...

Thanks for posting these pictures Metta, and thanks for a totally fun night! I love you!

Anonymous said...

What a fun night it was! Thanks for being my partner in crime. Joshua was right - you were such a good helper. I hope you did get to lick a beater as you totally deserved one. ;)