Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lessons on Love

Warning: explicit contents.

Tonight at Family Home Evening* Kim was in charge of the lesson, and in honor of St. Valentines day coming up on Saturday, she went with the theme of "love". So yeah, if this is going to be ooky for you, just look away. See that little box with the "x" in it, at the top of the screen? If this gets too painful, just give it a little click...

Anyhow, for those of you still with me, tonight we had Family Home Evening and Marcos and I were filled with love again for all of the people we meet with each week. Last summer we decided with some new friends to combine Family Home Evening forces, and we have been together nearly every Monday night since then. Here are a few things we've learned:

From Drew and Alicia (and Korven) we've learned that the only real essential for a home is a lot of love. We are always impressed by their cheerfulness and hospitality, and their willingness to open their doors to hosting all kinds of activities without thinking of it once as an inconvenience.

From Nick and Nicole we've learned about the beauty of being 100% in the things that matter. From the detail of their financial budget to the way they run with assignments they receive at church, we are constantly awed by their dedication and spunk.

From Kim and Jason (and Kinsey, who is not pictured) we've learned about acceptance. They have a talent for making us feel at ease around them, no matter what we do or say or feel or think. We are inspired by their calmness, and thoughtfulness.

We love you! Happy Valentines Day!

*For those of you who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and are not familiar with our terminology, Family Home Evening (FHE) is a chance for families to get together once a week and spend quality time with each other. Typically, FHE includes a more spiritual component, such as a prayer, maybe a hymn (depending on the musical ability of the family!) and a short lesson on a gospel priciple such as faith, or honesty, or love or anything the family feels they need to discuss. Some families also talk about their plans for the week, or hold a family counsel. Then, it's time for eating a snack together and participating in an activity, which can be anything from playing games to going out to a movie together. Really? The main point is for families to spend time all together, and to share good experiences to strengthen their relationships. The details are just bonus...


Lorelei said...

Hey Metta,

I saw your blog on Mike & Rui Zeller's blog. I'm pretty sure that I was Marcos' teacher at Timpview High School in Provo. Or I could know him from somewhere else...bad memory. Anyway, your blog is cool, and maybe see if Marcos knows me. I'm curious how you two know Mike & Rui...it's such a small world. I don't have a blog, but I'm on Facebook.

Lorelei Ferre

Robbie said...

so cute! i love that you've been meeting with other families out there for fhe! scotty's idea of what fhe entails is a little different from my own, but i let him be the patriarch and go along!