Monday, June 15, 2009

"Minha Casa Futura" gets a facelift

Yesterday I undertook the organization of our desktop icon entitled "Metta". In "Metta" are a number of different files I use, such as "UNC", "church", "work", and surprisingly "Minha casa futura" (my future house). Curious as to the contents of that file, I opened it and found... nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Which is when I decided it was my absolute duty and obligation to waste utilize a number of hours searching design blogs in order to generate some ideas, should I ever be called upon to create livable spaces in a house larger than a glorified closet (which is what our apartment feels like after scanning through design photography of real homes and penthouse apartments in New York City).

Things I noticed? I am drawn to hanging utensils in the kitchen, and walls painted in certain hues of green. I crave natural light and warm light. I love when people reconstruct old wooden things and combine them with newer pieces. I prefer bolder motley colors, natural rooms and anything genuinely rustic over a minimalist or industrial look. I like spaces to look lived in.

Readers, I want to apologize for not connecting these images with the name of the person who photographed them. I started collecting the images for my file without remembering to link them to their artist, and I regret that I can't direct you to their proper source. However, most of the images came from a great blog called decorology, whose author is brilliant at citing artists, so you should be able to find names there!


Unknown said...

i love your style, Metta

Tay said...

I vote for simple and functional.

Robbie said...

So cute! I love that you are getting ideas for your future house. and i like the set-ups you've picked out, too.