Saturday, June 27, 2009

Growing things

A few days ago, I was browsing through blogs and came across an entry that featured approximately thirty photos from all different angles of the same flower in the same garden. I had the distinct impression of "I'm losing interest" about two photos in, so for you I've tried to quell my own gardner's pride and only feature three photos. Take a deep breath, and scroll down!

We have a large private deck here which has been perfect for a few pots (we also have a big healthy basil and rosemary, some squash and a bell pepper), but in a month we are moving to an apartment with no outside space besides the walkway outside our door. Our location is very, very low traffic so I may risk a few pots outside, but...

...any ideas on how to do veggies with very little space?

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Lauren said...

I tried to grow peas inside our apartment next to a window. I wouldn't recommend peas inside. They grew really tall and got tangled up in the blinds. Then somehow they got infected with aphids and another curious black bug and died before I could enjoy my first home-grown pea. Now I'm starting all over again with some pots outside. So far, so good. Good luck! I'm excited for you. Moving into a new place is always something I secretly enjoy...I'm kind of sad this will be my first summer in a long time without a move.