Monday, June 29, 2009

Can't WAIT!

I can't wait until we move at the end of next month! I can't wait to have two bedrooms instead of one, and a washer and dryer in our home. I can't wait to unroll all of the ideas we have for putting together a new space, like artists exploring a fresh clean canvas. I can't wait to try things, and fix things, and paint things, and up-cycle things, and accidentally ruin some! I can't wait to have a walk-in closet to throw things into, to sacrifice that space for the sake of the order of the rest, like throwing Joe into the volcano. I can't wait to unpack dishes into a home with twice as much cupboard space, and to start a real collection of food storage. I can't wait to hang pictures, and plug in new speakers and listen to music loudly as we unpack! I can't wait to hate packing and unpacking.

I just can't wait!