Sunday, June 14, 2009

Early Life Crisis

The date was June 7, 2009 - a week ago.

Last Sunday evening, both Marcos and I (in separate places) found ourselves in serendipitous social circumstances that left us inspired, and not a slight bit yearning for more engagement in life. He, enjoying the stories and presence of a Brazilian couple - new friends who invited him to break bread with them after church last Sunday in Ontario, Canada where he is currently working for a few weeks (which explains my lack of posting, ey? I've lost my muse...). And I, here in Chapel Hill, spending a rare evening with a group of highly intelligent, big-thinking, incredible, single women (which confirmed for me that it is indeed a myth that all men are interested in smart girls). Two humble settings a country apart, and yet both of us sat among these new friends during the same hour, both of our minds racing with ideas and the feelings of wanting to grow and engage more in this thing we call life.

Welcome to our Early Life Crisis. Don't worry, this story doesn't end in the purchase of a Nissan Fairlady Z (we wish), or the rash abandonment of important aspects of who we are - believe me, our goals are much tamer. We just have the impression that if we improve the quality of some of our down time, we will be able to reach more of our potential. What a bore to even use those hackneyed words, but I am having trouble finding another way to say it.

So, when Marcos and I had our nightly phone conversation last Sunday after returning home from our social outings, we had a lot to say to each other. Although a recent keikakukai (planning meeting) as a couple propelled our spiritual life to a place where it is finally taking the shape we want it to, there are other areas that are a bit amorphous and we're noticing the room for improvement. For example, because Marcos is a consultant for his company and some weeks are busier than others, he wants to explore other work possibilities and challenge himself with new projects. He knows he can do more, so why waste precious moments as a young adult doing less than his full capacity? And although it may sound basic or silly, we discussed trading in some of our movie nights snuggling on the couch for listening to more NPR, finding more opportunities to engage in the community and serve our friends, reading great books, taking spontaneous roadtrips, and exploring some of our talents.

On some level, I believe that we just want the little car of our life to move a bit more so that we can be directed more easily and so that we can be in a better place to notice doors of opportunity opening along the way, and the bushes rustling.


Andrew and Lauren said...

I just hope the car stops occasionally so you can update your blog.

I should have a serendipitous moment too. Life is too short to waste! I love those life changing moments when you catch of vision of what could be. It's the AMTC all over again! It makes sense when I think of life changing of them was definitely during our transfer!

Metta said...

oh yes, sweetpea, the AMTC. Did I tell you that I ran into the Aoyagi's at conference this past April? We were there to support Marcos' dad and his new calling, but we were pleased to be sitting in the front few rows amidst a totally international crowd. The Aoyagis were there, as were the Eyrings. When I saw the Aoyagis on the elevator at the Marriott, my initial reaction was, "oh crap! i don't speak Japanese anymore", but in a merciful moment i was given some words... hope it made sense! xoxo

The Kammeyers said...

Don't sell yourself short! I know you guys are involved in all sorts of great things. :) It's always nice to have those moments of reflection & re-commitment, however.

Anyway, it was so nice to see you last week! Wish we could have made Friday happen too. :( Keep in touch!

P.S. You've been tagged.