Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tokyo no Tomodachi

One of the great things about having been a missionary (and there are many) is that we have gained so many friends for life. The fact that both Marcos and I served in the same mission (Japan, Tokyo North) gives us the advantage of having a lot of the same friends, making impromptu mini-reunions fun for both of us.

Earlier this week we had a date with a few mission buddies, and per Chris' suggestion, went to an exhibition of Japanese block prints at the BYU Museum of Art. Think geisha, snowy landscapes, or my favorite:

Hokusai's print of a wave, as part of the "36 views of Mt. Fuji" series. Gorgeous, isn't it? Below are some photos of our friends. Immediately below are Ronald Christensen, Collin Clifford, me, Marcos and Chris Cutler. The occasion demanded that we connect with our Japanese roots and do a peace sign, although I have to admit we do it with much less gusto than we did in Japan.


Jamie said...

hey is this still on at BYU? I would love to go see it! Love the peace signs!

SiN CiTy StRoBeHnS said...

How fun!! Mission buddies ARE the best!