Monday, January 5, 2009

The Key to Longevity

The Key to Longevity, to be eaten daily:

1 grilled cheese sandwich
cottage cheese with a pear on top

Yesterday at church a woman shared about her piano teacher who died just shy of 101 years old. The key to her longevity, according to the woman's children, was her daily lunch of a grilled cheese sandwich and cottage cheese with a pear on top. I don't like cottage cheese. To me, it sounds like more pain than its worth. Maybe I'll just settle for a short, happy life...


Marie said...

Mmmm. That sounds so yummy. I DO like cottage cheese. If that's truly the key to longevity, I'm in.

Mrs. Burch said...

I found you!! YAY!
I'll have to whip out some cottage cheese too, I guess. My favorite is with pears so I'm in too! C'mon you must try it.