Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's all in the presentation...

I really like Marcos. He is my husband and I love him, but I also really like who he is and the abilities he has.

One of the magical abilities he has is the ability to entertain children. We've been at the Gibson's house for the past few days, and with three kiddos, things sometimes get a little... flavorful. Maika, Noa and Malia are great kids, and we are getting used to having so much beautiful little child energy all in one place at one time.

But sometimes I will notice how quiet it is, and find Marcos with all three kids, reading to them, or pulling off some kind of game that he pulled out of thin air. For example, these pictures are of the kids sitting in a little half-circle around him, engrossed in the guessing game he was playing with a little piece of play-dough. And it could be a rubber band, or the lint from the dryer, and he'd still have them intrigued. Marcos has a gift for presentation and can read the letter D on a page as if it were the key to all childhood happiness. He frankly amazes me with the confidence and ability and the ENERGY he has for kids. It makes me happy to be his wife and best friend.

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Prouses said...

that last picture totally says... "ta-da!!"

... So uh... when can you babysit?