Monday, April 20, 2009

Rice Makeover...

... otherwise to be referred to as, "How to disguise brown rice".

My lovely mother, who swears that because I am a blood type A+ I should be eating brown rice instead of white, would be proud.

Our Hawaii friends the Bramwells, who are now living in Wake Forest just forty minutes from us, are always giving us good food tips, and the most recent excitement just happened to be about brown rice. Brown rice according to the Bramwells is best with fresh lime juice squeezed over it, and then tossed with cilantro and diced pineapple.

And they are right! SO fresh and fragrant, and a nice addition to any meat or curry dish. In fact, sometimes I eat it plain right out of the refrigerator when I'm up in the wee hours of the morning posting blog entries.

Like.... right now.

P.S. I should mention for those of you who will click on the image to see the gorgeousness up close and then remark on how much my rice looks like white rice, not brown, that it is brown rice: brown basmati.

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