Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Recovery

I have been sober five days from my craigslist addiction, and I am feeling so good.

On Tuesday Marcos and I drove all the way to Raleigh to purchase a bookcase shaped like an elephant. We looked at ourselves in disbelief and promised that this would be the end of the craigslist madness. So on Tuesday night when I secretly planned with a woman in Chapel Hill to swing by and purchase her large flower pot, that was the final straw. We took the craigslist link off of our igoogle homepage, and I have been clean ever since.

*Deep breath*. My home has had a mini-makeover, and I am at peace with the world.

But really, just tell me this wasn't worth driving to Raleigh for... $10! (Clipper chair in background also purchased through craigslist...).


Prouses said...

Wow... i don't know what to say... but i can't say much... I drove to the other end of Raleigh just to pick up 20 lego minifigs.... So yeah... I don't know what to say!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

you should try Freecycle, now that is seriously addictive

Robbie said...

You're crazy. :)
I can't seem to be more than a Craigslist browser, and not so much a buyer. I might be too picky or expect too much! The Jacksons have been able to find some cool stuff, though.

Lauren said...

Please, show me your art! Andrew can find stuff on craigslist too but I just can't (at least not anything that I would consider a deal). Craigslist is very addicting though. Congrats for going clean. Are you pregnant? Because that elephant bookshelf would be so cute in a nursery.