Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Second day away

Sometimes I wonder why I gain five pounds every time I travel. Then I looked at these pictures from one day of our trip to Utah and realized that they all revolve around food.

At Lind's house, one event of the day was making my favorite bittersweet chocolate pear cake for Linds to experience. Hypothetically speaking, if you are ever tempted to pour cake batter in a smaller pan than is called for by the recipe, don't do it. It just may explode a bit over the edge and you will end of scraping burnt batter off of the oven. Hypothetically speaking.

For meat lovers and Brazil buffs, churrascaria is the way to go. On Friday night we were swept off to dinner with our Brazilian family and friends, and landed at Rodizio Grill in Salt Lake City.

For those of you unfamiliar with churrascarias - Brazilian steak houses - the style is for the waiters to come around table to table with meats and pineapple fresh off the grill. Each table has little wooden blocks painted green at one end and red at the other. If you are interested in having the waiters come by offering slices off of their meats, the green stays up. If you are full, or need a break, flip the red side up. The photo above is "Guto" with pineapple, and the photo below is garlic serloin.

Tio Fernando is Mae's (Marcos' mom's) brother. He was also visiting for General Conference. Below is Mae, Belle (Marcos' sister) and Pai. Belle lives in Salt Lake, but Mae and Pai came from Sao Paulo for the few weeks surrounding conference.


Valerie said...

I want a copy of the chocolate pear cake recipe! Looks yummy!

nicole said...

that is one INTENSE waiter serving your mom meat. I wouldn't mess with that guy. Looks tasty though.

Robbie said...

Oh yum. I love that kind of food. And I love that pic of you and Marcos! Your so gorgeoussima. :)