Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Town Mouse, Country Mouse

Marcos and I have this wild dream of living in a big city, like New York City, for a year or two, just to have the experience of being part of a big, crazy moving giant of a community.  

But then on the other hand, gosh does this suburban dwelling feel good!  This afternoon it was play time again in the cool fall afternoon.  But this time our neighbors joined us as well.

Le Cul De Sac kids.  Gigi loves our duplex neighbor boy Michael something fierce, and our across the street friend Maya is a sweety as well.  Today they all swapped vehicles, and tried out each other's rides.

As comfortable as he looks on the scooter, Orion does not pedal it by himself.  He rides well and loves the wind in his face, but Papai is the bronze of the operation!

Love, love, love these fall afternoons!

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Unknown said...

Michael loves Gigi just as much. It is so fun to look back at some of these times and see how much they have grown. I think you are amazing Metta!