Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jordan Lake - Ward Campout

This year we did not win the contest for beach trips (0 so far) nor camping trips, but a chance came up in September to go to Jordan Lake for a one-nighter camping trip with our ward family, and I'm so glad that we got to go.  There is just something about being outdoors and near the lake that makes for a little rejuvenation.

Although I was planning for cold weather and didn't bring a swimsuit for her, Underpants Girl decided to go in the lake after she saw some friends splashing around.  It was a beautiful evening.  

When it got dark, I turned into Guitar Girl and busted out my solidly mediocre guitar skills to round up some campfire singing.  I had volunteered weeks before to do this (why? WHY?) and spent every night for a week practicing, but I'm not sure anyone noticed.  Luckily, my following was mainly small children who didn't care if I missed a chord on "Down by the Bay", or "I've been Working on the Railroad".  I would really love to be good at guitar someday.

Love these night shots Marcos took of us around the campfire.  You'll notice he's not actually IN any of the photos, because he was behind the camera the entire time.

That night I took Orion home for bed and left Gigi and Marcos to do a daddy daughter night.  In the morning we came back, and the guys were making breakfast.

And that was it!  Only a one nighter, but it was really nice to be outside with our friends and breath that fresh air.

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