Saturday, October 12, 2013

11 Down, 1 to Go!

Did you know that Orion just made 11 months?  It's hard to believe that one year has nearly gone by.

This boy is so physical, I can barely keep up with him.  He was walking at 9 months, and now at 11 months is pretty much running.  He has been climbing our stairs for months, but just learned how to get down them backwards.  He is happy carrying a ball around, dropping it, and running after it to pick it up again.  I try not to buy into gender stereotypes more than needed, but this little man's been such a BOY.

This boy eats with gusto.  He has a great appetite, and I love how independent he has become.  With only two teeth and two more on the way he can't eat everything we make for dinner, but I can now put a huge variety of foods out for him on his tray, and he will happily eat his way through steamed veggies, tofu, small pieces of meat, fruits, etc.  He is so satisfied to sit quietly and eat and eat - it warms my mother's heart to the core.

Orion has just started showing interest in a few words.  We're fairly certain that he says "ball", and "whoaaa" and every once in a while, "mama".  He is also starting to imitate so much of what we do: brushing his hair, pouring water over his head in the shower, picking up toys and putting them away (score!), etc.

And finally, the sibs.  Yay and sigh, yay and sigh.  They love each other dearly, and with things like family band practice it's all fun and games, but sometimes rough housing turns into squishing, and sometimes the squishing turns into tears.  You know.

And that's our sweet boy.  He is lovey and well tempered and flexible, and he adds a wonderful spirit to our home.  Love this little one!

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