Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines Love

Each holiday is more and more fun with Giovanna.  Especially since we have started her coop preschool, life has been festive because we can always count on a holiday celebration with her preschool buddies.  

This week I made oodles of banana cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting for her preschool party and a few other events...

Gigi drew Valentines art for her friends and I took down her dictation for love messages, and dressed up her pictures a bit with recycled calendar pages from last year...

And Gigi had a great time at her coop preschool Valentines party.  They learned about the letter S and played games, made Valentines hats, ate treats and exchanged Valentines.  Coop preschool has been a great stepping stone for me, because everything is so small scale - holidays are not overwhelming when you only have six littles to make cupcakes and Valentines for!

On Valentines morning Tutu came over and made a big waffle breakfast for us to eat as a family.  We made eggs and sausage, and had juice and homemade berry sauce and whipped cream to kick off our special day.

After breakfast, we opened a few gifts - cards, chocolates and flowers, of course!  The highlight was Gigi's new play-doh and tools set, which has already seen lots of love.  It was the gift we had pulled from under the tree at Christmas time, and I'm glad we waited - it is a great toy and really deserves its own holiday.  

She is a very thankful girl.

On Valentines Evening Marcos and I did something that we haven't done in, oh, a few years.  We went on a DATE at a nice local restaurant called Squids.  We do a lot together as a family and frankly, I enjoy having Gigi along because she is such a love magnet, but it was amazing being able to talk about upcoming plans, how we wanted our life to work out, and process situations we are facing, without her constant interruptions.  It was so dreamy, and we are indebted to the world's funnest grandmas who kept Gigi busy and happy at home while we were gone.

I am thankful that holidays and seasons mark the passage of time, and endow each year with the ebb and flow of joy and anticipation.

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Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

You kids are so cute. I hate using the word cute because I know they are so much more than that. I just wish I could meet them and see their personalities in person. I love that you share little bits and pieces of your life.