Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bumbo Time!

The other day I met a perfect stranger and she needed a loud obnoxious activity table, which I just happened to have in storage, and I needed a bumbo seat, which she just happened to have in storage, so we met up a few hours later and exchanged kiddo paraphernalia.

I think he likes it!  Orion just made 3 months, and he is so strong and eager to be a big boy.


Tay said...

I have never seen those chairs, but he seems to like them. And, he's such a cutie. Dad

Lauren said...

They ARE great, but...

I know you are WAY smarter and more careful than me, but when Luke was 6 mo. old I accidentally stepped away from him while he was sitting on the a bumbo...and he fell out and fractured his skull. Worst moment of my life. But now that you've heard the story, it will never happen to you :)

What a handsome fella!