Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Okay, Internet

Back when I thought Marcos was weird and before I was willing to be his friend much less his wife, I asked him one day what he wanted to do for a living, and when he said "computers" the red pencil of my mind slowly drew a line through his name.

But I think I'm warming up to technology.  (And I warmed up to Marcos a long time ago).

Our friends just started doing a "culture night" every few weeks, which is a chance for us to get together, potluck some new ethnic digs, and teach the littles about countries they hopefully will get to in person someday.  The other night we hosted and I chose to do Hawaii, for obvious reasons.  When it was time for me to talk about some of the best things about Hawaii, in a jiffy I was able to pull up youtube videos that brought molten lava flows into our home, and breaching humpback whales.  The glee on the little's faces when the whale breached was priceless.  Claps, and hoorahs, and can we watch it agains.  I so loved the internet that night.

And so I've been wanting to share a few of the videos that have made me laugh/cry/want to change the world lately.  I hope you will enjoy them too.

To be inspired to absolutely want to change the world click here.

To have your heart caught in your throat click here

To laugh click here.

To remember God's hand in your life click here.

To renew your faith in love click here.

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Jamie said...

very fun videos! Thanks for sharing!