Friday, December 12, 2008

Thinking Green

I have been thinking lately about posting a blog on "going green", but I know the topic can be overwhelming and intimidating, so I am taking a step back and calling it, "thinking green".

It's a bit beyond speculation now, that earth could use a little TLC. With so much recent attention to sustainability, and talk of boosting the economy by creating jobs aimed at putting together an infrastructure for an eco-friendly energy system, here in our home we have been thinking about the little part we play in the whole scheme of loving the earth.

We love the earth, it's true. Many people we know are giving the earth a lot of TLC, and we feel like we are still giving just a little. However, we're getting better. We are still at the basics, but if you have been thinking about going green, this might give you a few ideas of where to start.
  • USING REUSABLE GROCERY BAGS has helped us use less paper/plastic at the grocery store, and we use them for everything now. I actually have started eying them as purses... and how could you not when they make them this pretty!
Envirosax are very cool (this is the one I have!)
  • RECYCLING is about the most basic form of earth TLC, and we are investigating what it would take in our area to go beyond the usual routine of cans, glass and paper. In Japan we recycled just about everything, and sometimes I wish that America was just a skinny little island so that we too, out of default, would have to think about what we are throwing out.
  • USING GREEN HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS is something that we just started doing recently as we began running out of our more mainstream brand-name cleaners. Seventh Generation products are all very eco-friendly, and luckily for us, they go on sale too!
  • EXCHANGING OLD BULBS FOR ENERGY-SAVER BULBS was an easy option; initially they are a bit more costly, but SO much more energy efficient and affordable in the long run. Tip: make sure you find bulbs with a color of light that you like. Some of the energy saver bulbs have an unpleasant blue-ish tinge.
So, that's where we've decided to start. If you have anymore "thinking green" ideas to add to the list, please share!

Next on our list: "a hybrid car..."

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