Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For the love of Sledding

I have a friend named Lindsay, and we are basically sisters from separate mothers. I grew up with her and her family, and so visiting them in Provo is like joining back up at a family reunion. She is married and has three kiddos and one in the oven, and because they are good people they have good friends, so there is always fun happening in their lives.

One of the things I wanted to do this Christmas trip was go sledding in Utah, to take full advantage of the snow. When it spontaneously came up the other day on our agenda, I was fairly ecstatic. We went with Lindsay and her family to a friend's house for a meal of hot soups, rice and bread, joined up with a few other families and then headed to Rock Canyon Park for sledding. We took hot cocoa and cookies, and it was a lovely night. It was cold, but the sky was clear. Fresh snow from the day was on the ground, soft and clean, and conditions were absolutely perfect for sledding. Light reflected off of the snow, so even though it was long after sundown, there was an aura around the park.

Trying to gather everyone together to get a group shot on a perfect sledding night was tricky. There were much more exciting things for the kids to be doing than to be standing still...

Lindsay's monkeys: Maika, Noa, and husband Keli'i.

Having these pictures makes me so impressed by our camera, which when held perfectly still, can capture sledding in the middle of a dark night, without a flash. In order to hold the camera perfectly still, Marcos leans over to give me a bit of flat surface area, and I plant my elbows on his back and make my own little bi-pod. Cheap AND portable!

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