Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day!

The night before last night it snowed, leaving us with a fresh white morning of snow when we woke up yesterday.  It was probably only two inches, but in the South, two inches is a lot.  School was canceled...

...and after a lot of looking out the window...

We saw our neighbors outside with a sled tramping around the yard, and so we bundled up the kids and went out to join them.  Gigi's buddy Michael and James his dad made Olaf the snowman, and the kids made snow angels in our driveway.

Orion wandered through the white winterland amazed by everything and not at all bothered by the cold, and the kids sledded down the hill across the street.  

Orion also went down the hill, with Papai and then alone.  This time he was still sitting upright when he reached the bottom.

But our favorite part of snow day was having the neighbors over afterwards for hot cocoa and cookies!  Having that long slow morning stretch out, and time for Marcos to be with us and our neighbor friends instead of at UNC all day was such a treat!

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