Monday, September 16, 2013

Three and a Half

On the side of our refrigerator I keep a magnetic pad of paper for making grocery lists, and I always have a page of Gigi quotes that I'm collecting and saving for the moment I have a chance to write them down somewhere more permanent.  We host dinners with friends off and on, and on one such occasion I was stuffing away the never ending eruption of extra papers and artwork lying about and I misplaced my list of Gigi quotes.  I rarely misplace anything, and it upset me for days.  I felt like I had lost a chunk of her childhood.  I remembered the gist of a few of the quotes, but because I can usually get them down word for word in the moment, I knew that my memory wasn't capturing them right.  It was so relieving to find them again a few days later.  Here they are.


After I told Gigi it was time for quiet time upstairs.

Gigi: Well, I don't like quiet time upstairs.  It's like jail!  My room is like JAIL!


During our family home evening discussion about Mormon pioneers, Gigi summarizes her version of what we covered.

Gigi: And then...  they walked, and walked and they passed the Pyramids of Giza, and then they arrived in Salt Lake City!


Me: Gigi, L-O-V-E spells love!
Gigi: Okay.  But how do you spell "djembe drum"?


Discussing the future.

Gigi: I'm going to play with my children all day when I'm a mommy.  I'm not going to clean up, or anything like that.  'Cause I love my children, so I'm going to play with them all day.


In the car, Orion suddenly starts screeching and I am driving and can't look back.

Me: Gigi, can you check on Orion?  Is he okay?
Gigi: Yes, he's just trying to sing.  Opera!


Gigi doing one of the things she loves best: yoga.  One of the great Prieto mysteries is where Gigi got her love of yoga and how she managed to learn any of the poses.  Demographically speaking I should be all over yoga, but I'm not sure whether it is really my pace, so this interest has been fueled solely by her.


Rui Zeller said...

So cute. I should wrote down the funny things Addie says, too. Gigi sounds like a very creative and smart girl!

Chelsea Dyreng said...

LOVE the jail quote. I love all the quotes but the jail one is the best.