Monday, April 22, 2013

Cupcakes at the Park

A few years ago we were invited to a birthday party that our Brazilian friends threw for their young daughter.

When we arrived at the park, it became clear to me that all the family had brought was a birthday cake.  Having recently browsed the world of party blogs and being very well versed in the art of party throwing, my heart started to race.  Where were the pennant banners?  Where were the party games?  And where were the personalized water bottle wrappers?!

Did they not know that this was going to be a disaster?  Was it my cultural imperative to pull them over to the side and help them throw together some games before guests started to arrive?

But I just bit my tongue and waited for imminent doom.

But it didn't come.  Instead, there were races and laughter and the adults chatted while the children played at the park.

So in the wake of a crazy March, this year we took a page from our Brazilian friend's book and did a party at the park for Gigi's 3rd birthday.  Just oodles of cupcakes made by many helping hands, water bottles (sans special wrappers), string cheese and veggie straws, and nothing more.  A few good snacks and a lot of good people = a really good time.

The incredible weather and a beautiful park didn't hurt either.

It was perfect.  Happy 3rd birthday sweet girl!


Margaret Vance said...

Three?! Already?! Please give beautiful Gigi three big hugs from us.

kelly jo said...

Simplicity is the spice of life! Congrats on not only a great celebration but a great life!