Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Workaday World

I think it's time to just write about life, and what we're up to. Yes, I have fifty-nine photos I want to post of Gigi being ridiculously cute, but I made a commitment months ago to restrain myself to writing about Gigi only every OTHER post, remember? I'm trying to stay on track here.

In a word, things are great.

Marcos just started two classes this week at Durham Tech Community College (after acing two in the summer), and he will finish his final class for his Associates degree next semester and be done in the Spring. Whew! In the fall he will transfer in to the Information Systems major courses as a junior at the University of North Carolina, and hopefully breeze through those last few years so that he can finally work full time programming, building websites, and all of the things he loves doing the best. He is currently working half time for a boss, doing websites on the side as his own boss, being a half time stay at home dad, taking classes half time, beating me at our dinner cook-off competitions, and keeping young men in shape as one of the Young Men leaders at church, and the Assistant Scout Master. I am thankful every day for Marcos. He really is as good as it gets.

And me? Well, I just had my job secured through the end of the year! This may not sound glorious to anyone else, but I am thrilled to have a good few months to make myself an imperative member of the team so that when my position is up for review with the budget in December, I will hopefully be reinstated for next year. UNC is a state school, and we have had severe budget cuts, so for a month or two I was being paid on a monthly basis and realized acutely how demoralizing it is to show up for work when you are not certain you will be there two weeks later. The Dean of the school joked with me that I should design a shirt that says "Save Metta" and start a campaign to save my job. Hey, at least it's on his radar. Tomorrow is the student orientation for our Masters in Social Work program, and having waded through the thick and thin of recruitment, admissions and financial aid with this group, I have to admit that I am very excited to see them in the morning and put faces to names, after all this time. I love my job.

And my other job rocks as well. I love being with my little girl. Yesterday I was getting ready for work at the vanity and I sneezed, and Gigi looked up from where she was watching Sesame Street songs on the bed from Daddy's phone and said, "Be-shu!" (bless you). If hearts really could melt, I would just be a goner. We love being parents, and especially Gigi's parents.

In other domestic news, I have been finishing some of my house projects lately. I apologize for being lame and not posting so much as a single photo of our new place since we moved in oh, two months ago, but with my workaday life, project time has been harder to come by. Things are coming along though, corner by corner, and I will post photos soon. I am starting to really love what we are making of our new living space.

And I think that brings me to where I can post about Gigi again! Whew! Thanks for reading.

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