Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dancing Queen

Marcos' sister Liz has been requesting videos of Gigi, so although none of you besides our family members will probably watch the entire 45 seconds of these videos, here they are! We're partial, but we really think that Gigi's got something goin' on with her dance moves.


* The music called "Chora me liga" is Liz's favorite Brazilian Country Western-ish song and it is performed by João Bosco e Vinícius.

* Check out Gigi's fancy foot work: The true beginnings of a Samba Girl! Wait for it on that first video. It's worth it to see her feet work double time.

* Gigi has started to love stuffed animals. The monkey her Grandpa Gaga gave her makes a particularly good dance partner because he has long arms... but, she actually just likes to give him smooches most of the time.


Angela said...

How fun! And AWESOME dance moves in the background...maybe I can get some samba lessons?

Bush's said...

holy cow, marcos can groove too! I see where she gets it from! She is such a cutie.