Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bubbles at Saxapahaw

A few weeks ago we went to the Saxapahaw Farmer's Market on a Saturday evening for their free concert and festival. Because of a strong chance of rain, the Farmer's Market had been canceled, but we were able to listen to some great music, and enjoy the the hippie atmosphere. The farmer's market location is right alongside the Haw River, and it was gorgeous.

The most popular attraction that day for us was the insane bubble station. A couple in their fifties had brought a traveling bubble station, with gallons of prime bubble juice, and all kinds of wands and contraptions for making bubbles, from tiny sizes for kiddos, to giant floating bubbles for the teens and adults. So many people of differing ages were having such a great time that I approached the woman to ask half jokingly if she did parties. In response, she happily gave me the recipe for her magical bubble juice, and it would be a crime not to share:

The Most Amazing Bubble Juice Ever
Makes about one gallon, so can be halfed
  • 9 cups water (distilled is best)
  • 4 cups bubble mix (she uses Imperial Super Bubbles)
  • 1 cup Dawn dish soap (regular or ultra concentrated)
  • 4 oz. liquid glycerine
Mix ingredients gently in the above order the night before you want to use it! That's it!


The Turner Family said...

Metta! You guys were half a mile from our house! We used to go to the Saturdays in Saxapahaw every summer, but sadly have not been this year. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed our little town!!!!! Can't wait to see you soon.


amanda said...

glad you shared the bubble recipe totally going to use it when i get a second. thanks

The Kammeyers said...

So fun! I'm gonna write down the "bubble juice recipe" for future parties through the years. Thanks for sharing!