Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At the Drawing Board

As June 30 approaches, our life seems to be back to the drawing board again. I feel like our big decisions generally have an expiration date of about a year, and then we are back to square one: whether to renew our lease, how to arrange our work, how to proceed with higher education, what to do about child care... (are we ever going to grow out of this phase?)

Luckily, one of the blessings of life is that we are on a "choose your own adventure" story that has the added benefit of never showing what things would have been like had we chosen a different door to open. We can make guesses, and some people get stuck in "what if...?" and "if only...", but I believe that if we are flexible, fairly well-balanced and positive people, then the educated and inspired decisions we make in good faith will become the right option for us.

One of the expiration dates coming up is our current lease. But hooray, we found ourselves a cute townhouse to rent for the next year! It doesn't look like much from the outside, but we are excited to have a bigger kitchen, copious windows and natural light, and a little more room for our visitors. And "townhouse" has the word "house" in it, so by most estimations we are one step closer to being established in the world.

I am preparing myself for a great year.


Marie said...

That's a very cute house, Metta! Congrats. I'm excited for you. It's always fun to be in a new place. I guess we'll really have to plan a trip to NC so we can see the new house!

Chris said...

Cool house! Now I really will have to come visit.
I like what you say about decisions in real life, but choose-your-own-adventure books were always fun because of seeing seeing every possible outcome. I'd go back and make all of the decisions there were, even (especially) the obviously wrong choices.

Heather said...

Sounds exciting! Good luck!

Drew and Alicia said...

Woo Hoo! It looks very nice. I completely understand wanting more room. I hope that day comes for us someday, hopefully sometime in the next 50 years!