Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Gigi definitely adds dimension to holidays.

On Easter Saturday our ward had its annual Easter Egg hunt, and although it had poured the night before and the grass was a bit damp, Gigi didn't seem to mind. Tutu (my mom) had sent her a small basket, and Gigi's true love was playing with the paper grass we nested in the bottom. The whole idea of an Easter egg hunt was definitely lost on her, but it was still fun to watch her bang the plastic eggs together, and discretely chew on the chocolate eggs until the chocolate oozed out of the foil wrapper.

Then on Easter morning we had Easter brunch with friends before racing off to church, and singing, singing, singing with the choir. Marcos and I have managed to stay involved with the music at church, and it is a great creative outlet. We additionally sang with a small octet and two flutes an Easter song that I have loved since first grade at the Waldorf School called "Love is come Again" (Noel Nouvelet in French). Putting together this song is a dream my friend Jill and I have had for years. We finally did it!

Breakfast at Rebecca's. This kitchen is the scene of so many special holiday celebrations for our family. There is always amazing company, foodie-quality food, and important conversations and friendship being shared. Our friend Chrissy (on the left - Rebecca is on the right) celebrated a birthday that morning, and so things felt particularly festive. I hope that someday I will have the pow-pow combination of genuine sweetness and power that these two women espouse.

And... there were many other fabulous people present, and of course I mainly just followed Gigi around trying to get photos of her not moving. I have stared at this photo of flowers above and thought, "I love flowers. They don't move. If Gigi didn't move I could get pretty photos of her too..."

Family shots: Quick, take a picture before Gigi escapes!

After church, we relaxed and prepared for our dinner at the Vanderwalker's. Brandi and Matt moved to the area with their daughters last year, and I am so impressed with their skill as hosts and their art for gathering people together. We brought my Tutu's scalloped potatoes recipe, and it was a winner.

One of our Easter treats was being able to eat outside for dinner. Envision warmth, a steady breeze, long green grass and bare feet. That combined with the great company and delicious spread made for quite an evening.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Rebecca said...

So glad you've been able to document a few events at my house ... because I never seem able too!

Love you, dear friend.