Monday, May 9, 2011

Portland Visitors

At the end of April we had a special visit from my Aunty Katy (mom's little sister) and my cousin Sam, who were combing the East coast visiting family on a short break from their life in Portland, Oregon. It was Sam's Spring break from his junior year in high school, so they decided to make some visits to see loved ones, and maybe stop in at a few colleges along the way.

The Old Well: The symbol and logo of UNC and the original water supply for all of Chapel Hill. Thank you stranger girl for your stunning framing with this photo...

It was such a nice visit. They were only with us for two days, but we were able to fit in two outstanding home-cooked dinners together (Katy is a great cook), we spent an evening with Katy and me walking in the balmy evening around our neighborhood catching up on life while the boys explored Portal II, and we made time to visit some of our favorite places around the area.

One of our favorite places at UNC is the forest theater, which is a theater in the forest at the edge of campus. We have never actually attended anything here, but we love it all the same.

One of my favorite parts of their visit was that Gigi felt so at home with my Aunty Katy and cousin Sam. Gigi is very social, but she likes to have Marcos or me within sight, and is occasionally slow to warm up to new people. She felt so comfortable with Katy and Sam that one day they stayed at Duke Gardens with her for a few hours without her so much as making a peep. It was so refreshing!

And of course, we took them to Maple View Farms for ice cream. The general store out in the country side with the rocking chairs on the front porch is just hard to beat. Gigi had ice cream for the first time and loved it. I had double chocolate and dulce de leche, and loved it too much to take any photos while we were eating. Afterwards, Katy, Sam and Marcos threw around the frisbee and I chased Gigi while dusk settled over the dairy farm. Thank you Katy and Sam for bringing your vacation to our lives. It was wonderful to see you, to catch up, to break bread together and to introduce you to our little girl!

We miss you already.


The Kammeyers said...

Aww, I totally remember staying with your Aunt Katy just before Thanksgiving years ago. What a fun trip that was! (That is, except for running the car off the road in snowy Idaho on the way back. Remember that?) ;) Anyway, hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Hugs to you & your sweet Gigi!

Kim said...

You guys are such fun hostesses. I almost want to move away just so we can come and visit you...