Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I had a feeling things would go this direction, but I didn't think she would be quite so much of a mermaid. We took Gigi and her new giraffe swimsuit (thanks Linds!) to the pool last week on a hot day, and she absolutely loved the water. Frankly the pool was still too cold for my liking and I preferred just to dangle my feet in, but for Gigi it was swim or bust. She leaned over the water and splashed, and kicked, and wiggled to have her Papai take her in.


m.a. said...

what a cute giraffe! What pool do you guys go to?

kokoro said...

she is growing up! i wish we lived close.

Robbie said...

Our pool doesn't open till the 28th, but the water in it has been tantalizing. So cool that yours is open and you have a water baby! Kadin tries to enter any body of water he comes across--puddle, little stream, pond, lake, whatever! But for us, it's gonna have to be the kiddie pool this summer!