Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Four years ago, today...

On April 12th, 2007, Marcos and I were married in the Mount Timpanogos Temple in Utah Valley. This remains pretty much the best decision of my life. We sometimes argue, we sometimes dislike the air we breathe, and we are sometimes immature, but boy have we got something great going on! I am so proud to be the wife of such a great man.

Happy Anniversary Marcos! Here's to many more years of joy.

These are the 50 things I love most about Marcos (in no particular order)...
  1. He is an attentive, loving, doting, energetic dad
  2. He reads people well, and responds generously
  3. He has the best monkey face east of the Mississippi
  4. He sees my potential and my core, and what I can become, rather than simply who I am now
  5. He is aware of the needs of people around him, and he moves to action - unstopped by fear or guilt or embarrassment
  6. He never comments on my dragon breath in the morning or makes negative comments about my looks
  7. He is spiritually grounded, and firm in his faith
  8. He makes me want to be a better woman, all the time
  9. He values his friendships, with those who live near and those who live far away
  10. He always invites me to Guys Night Out, even though I've never been in a desperate enough place to take him up on it
  11. He is often planning who to have over for dinner next
  12. He is a man with integrity - he lives honestly and openly and walks the walk
  13. He is always up for a late night hot cocoa at Starbucks or a late night grocery run
  14. He is firm with me when I am choosing to behave in a small way or when I say small things
  15. He is extremely loyal to his family members
  16. He sees people's actions in the context of their situation, upbringing and motives, instead of being overly upset by their disappointing behavior
  17. He has the most beautiful smile wrinkles in the corners of his eyes
  18. He goes very far out of his way to secure my comfort
  19. He charges the batteries for my electric toothbrush without me asking
  20. He provides well for our family and I am excited about our future because he is doing something that he loves
  21. Although I am slow to admit this, his technological genius has really enhanced our life in so many ways
  22. He lets me bi-brow his uni-brow
  23. He is really confident and capable when it comes to anything to do with Gigi, and is rocking my world as a half-time stay-at-home dad
  24. He is such a good friend to me, and confidant, and we really enjoy each other's company
  25. He has taught me to have a more fluid definition of "personal belongings"
  26. (This has snuck up on me over the years, but) he is gorgeous
  27. He is a champion of women and children - this is one of the things that first attracted me to him, and it is a deeply seated part of his character
  28. He is handy around the house
  29. He has an amazing spacial intelligence - when we play rummikub he will always win because he can shift multiple pieces in his head without losing his beginning and ending positions
  30. He has become a talented host - often when we have people over, it is he who first jumps up to light the candles, turn on the music and perfect the lighting and prepare beverages
  31. He has no need in his life for gossip and backbiting
  32. He is flexible with plans, and very easy going
  33. He is affirming and appreciative, and never withholds a generous thought
  34. He does his share of household duties - and then some
  35. His body fits perfectly with mine when we snuggle and intertwine
  36. He gives very thoughtful gifts
  37. Although it is a dying art, he is very chivalrous and it complements his character
  38. He celebrates my talents
  39. He twists my arm to make me buy nice things for myself, when I am resistant because of price
  40. He cooks a mean chicken stroganoff
  41. He is frugal with money, but knows how to spend it too - when the time is right
  42. His energy and positive regard for people make him a natural leader - people enjoy being around him
  43. He makes me laugh with his mix-ups in the English language - Metta: "Why is Gigi crying?", Marcos: "She butt-headed me"
  44. He is always up for an adventure
  45. He sometimes takes walks with me at night, and we talk about life, hand in hand
  46. He is mature, but also has a portion of kid left in him, which gives him access to adults and kids
  47. He is very cheerful and can make friends with anyone - he is on a first name basis with the girl at the deli counter and the produce man at our grocery store
  48. He is good at forgiving and strongly believes in people's ability to change
  49. He is true to me
  50. He enjoys making people happy


Prouses said...

Happy Anniversary. You guys rock this marriage thing. XOXO

kelley said...

Yay!! Happy Anniversary. What a great list and I'm sure it was hard to narrow it down to 50. I don't know Marcos that well but #47 is so totally obvious. You are a beautiful couple!

The Turner Family said...

Happy anniversary! You guys are such a sweet, inspiring couple! Miss you!


Elizabeth said...

Very sweet list! Happy Anniversary!

melandpeter said...

What an awesome couple you guys are! I love that list of 50 favourite things. Shows how much you know each other! I love #43...though Pete and I say stuff like that all the time and English is our 1st language!!

Nate said...

Happy Anniversary! You two make an awesome couple! Congrats!

Headle said...

Happy Anniversary Metta and Marcos!! You two have such a beautiful love story and make a gorgeous pair!!

You really are perfect for each other! :)

Tay said...

I love my son-in-law for being such a righteous person and sharing that that righteousness with you and Gigi. The happiness you share is a blessing you all deserve.

Unknown said...

congrats, you two! I love your beautiful photo.

Lauren said...

Man, if I could achieve only 5 of these things in my lifetime I would be celestial. What a great list. And it's a compliment to you, Metta, that you can notice and articulate it all so well.

I love you guys! So happy to know you.

The Kammeyers said...

If I haven't mentioned it to you before, I absolutely ADORE this wedding picture! Apart from the fact that I sported a similar Empire-waisted gown at my own wedding, the glowing look on your face captures the excitement & sheer joy of your special day so perfectly. :) Loved reading your 50 things! So sweet... and hilarious too!