Sunday, April 10, 2011

One year of Giovanna

Today our little girl Giovanna turned one year old. I keep asking myself, "Metta, how do you feel about this?" and I keep coming back to "grateful". I am grateful that our entrance into the wild world of parenting has been accompanied by such a sweet little girl. I feel like we have embarked on a journey together, and we get to lead - and at times be lead by - this happy, charismatic, beautiful little soul. I'm grateful that she has been (relatively) healthy and strong, and that her development is right on target. I'm grateful that she attracts such love from the people around us. I'm grateful that she is affectionate, and flirty, and independent. And I am grateful that she was Heaven sent to our family.

Here are some photos of our babe through the year. Above, Marcos and I kiss on the day before Gigi was born.

April 2010













Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


Elizabeth said...

Happy 1st birthday!

She looks like a big girl now!

Robbie said...

Congrats on having such an amazing little person in your precious family! Happy Birthday, Giovanna! Can't wait to meet you, hopefully before you turn 2! Kadin would really like you, I'm sure. And hopefully Lucas will be one and walking by the time we meet you so he won't feel like the odd man out. ;)

Abbie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Gigi! Even though I've never met her, I'm totally sucked in by her sunshine! She is beautiful!

Also, Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. You two are such a great couple!

Drew and Alicia said...

Holy Cow!! I can not believe she is one! Love these photos.

Headle said...

She is sooo sooo beautiful!!! Its impossible to look at her without smiling!

Happy birthday little Gigi!