Sunday, March 6, 2011

Warm enough for bare feet

Last week spring squeaked in a perfect day! Our friends Rhonda and Rex invited us to a picnic to celebrate their sweet little girl Ava's 2nd birthday at the park, and it really would have been a crime not to be outside on a day like that.

Gigi is still a crawler, so it was a bit new for her to move through the outdoor terrain on her hands and knees, but she was just fine once she realized that she could eat the dirt.

I love the photo above. Sorry Rhonda, for cutting your head off, but all of the character's little actions say to me "wow, this is totally what an impromptu shot should look like".

Whoever was holding the bubble wand was like the Pied Piper, with all of the little children around their feet. Rhonda has the most amazing bubble juice: some of the bubbles were so strong that I actually saw a few BOUNCE off of the blanket when they landed. The birthday girl is in the orange shirt!

Thanks Rhonda and Rex for allowing us to tag along! We look forward to many, many more park days, now that we have a little explorer.

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