Thursday, March 24, 2011

Special Deliveries

This week has been full of special deliveries.

Last Wednesday, Marcos' mother arrived from Sao Paulo, Brazil. On Friday his sister Liz also joined us for the weekend from where she is working in Greenville, NC, and today Marcos' father also came from Brazil to join the party! We have been so spoiled. I almost feel badly that our small apartment quickly turns into such a tornado with all of our company camping out, but having such fun, helpful, and gracious visitors means that we are enjoying each other too much to bother with such trifles.

Another special delivery showed up last Friday when Liz joined us for the weekend. Friday was her birthday, and a guy friend of hers who is living in Afghanistan sent her 100 long stemmed red roses. Yes, 100, and they were taller than Gigi. It was slightly insane.

So, if the higher education plan doesn't pan out, the good news is that we definitely have a back up in the flower business.

1 comment:

Prouses said...

Are you serious?!?! 100?! Liz you rock :)
We cannot wait to see you guys this weekend. I didn't know Marcos' parents were in town. That just makes the trip even more worthwhile!! Woo-hoo!!