Thursday, March 10, 2011


This week...
I have been working on preparing a song to sing in a quartet with three friends at our Relief Society Birthday party dinner.
And preparing with the ladies on my basketball team for our first tournament game.
And preparing to teach the hula to 8-11 year old girls at a "luau" themed daddy daughter dance in Raleigh that my friend is in charge of.
And preparing for a St. Pattie's day dinner party with friends.

Fun! All fun!

But there is definitely something I could use a little help with: Our final preparation of the week will be for a church youth activity on Sunday night that Marcos and I were asked to be part of. We were given the topic of "dating and friends", and our assignment is to prepare a 20 minute informal discussion or presentation that we will share with groups of youth who will rotate through our station. We have already put our heads together and have come up with pieces of what we will share, but I also want to bring in outside voices. I don't know if you will join me in this effort, but I can't help but feel like this is an important opportunity, and I want to get it right.

So, if you feel like sharing, I'll make it easy and ask you to fill in the following sentence: "When I was a teenager, I wish I knew ____". The youth will be ages 12-18, and we are specifically looking for words of wisdom about friendships and dating relationships.

Thank you for helping us to prepare! I feel restrained by our time limits, but I am hopeful that in 20 minutes we can share a few golden nubbies that our youth will take home with them!


jami said...

"When I was a teenager, I wish I knew ____" just how little people forget (if anything at all). Others will remember your smiles (or glares), the comments you made (good or bad), your attitude (positive or negative) and the way you made them feel when they were around you (comfortable or uneasy). While it may seem that nothing you are doing now will affect you later in life, it's quite the opposite. Now is the time to begin molding yourself into what you are becoming and what you want others to look back and remember you as.

M said...

When I was a teenager, I wish I knew...

That some people just aren't going to like you. It doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you, you shouldn't change yourself to suit others, but you're just not going to be everyone's favorite person. And it is OK.

I wasted a lot of time trying to make everyone love me...and it's just not possible.

You and Marcos will be GREAT! Good luck!

Angela said...

...the first guy you date is MOST LIKELY not the one you'll marry (or the best guy for you). That first relationship is so exciting, and you will be like "THIS is love!". However, if you date around, you're more likely to find the qualities that you really want in a guy, a guy who treats you like a queen, and a bit of self-discovery. Don't feel bad about wanting to date "more fish in the sea".

Tay said...

"When I was a teenager, I wish I knew ____"

I was totally OK the way I was.

Metta said...

Thank you everyone who commented! We used your ideas and more that came to me privately via email, and compiled some great advice for our youth. I think it went really well... thank you so much!