Sunday, December 19, 2010

In Heavenly Peace

We have been lying low this week. With alternate head cold and then stomach bug, we are finally on the mend, but this week has not been the highlight of our holiday season.

On the bright side, being forced to slow down gave me the gift of a really beautiful day with Gigi on Wednesday. Wednesday is one of my days home, and when I am home, it is Marcos' day to work. Usually I am multi-tasking up a storm, getting the holidays together, doing laundry, watching Gigi, baking or cooking for social events, etc. However, on Wednesday I was achy all over and couldn't move very fast, so Gigi and I had hours to ourselves, with her crawling all over me on the bed, playing games and us making each other laugh.

Someday when I grow up, I hope that I can learn to slow down without being compelled by sickness.

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