Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Since it's tradition in the Pratt family to say that "we are doing a simple Christmas this year", I will say that we are doing a simple Christmas this year. But really, I don't think we are. Gift-wise this is a simple year, but the line up of festivities is as crowded as usual: gingerbread house parties, and a Mary and Joseph Christmas Eve, brunch on Christmas morning and a traditional Christmas supper with friends, wedding receptions and feeding the missionaries, and visits to our friend's homes. And don't forget the merry making.

We do a simple devotional each night during which we sing a Christmas song, read stories, open our advent calendar and a gift and try to focus on giving and sharing and Jesus Christ so that we don't find ourselves lost in the thick of thin things. However, sometimes I wonder if we're succeeding. Has anybody in this entire world managed to pull off a simple Christmas? If so, please disclose...


Tay said...

The "simple" Christmas is appreciating in the heart the reason for the celebration. You do it - well. The external trappings are relatively unimportant. But people look at you funny if you don't do them.

Merry Christmas to you all, Marcos, Gigi and now, Vicky.

melandpeter said...

I have a very small family so it's easy to keep things simple. Because Pete and I were away from both sets of parents this year it was a pretty low key Christmas for us. What I hope to do in the years we don't have our parents around for Christmas, is simply focus on a service activity to do as a family and not worry about spreading ourselves around all the social engagements that crop up...Your Christmas sounded lovely though. If you're not feeling stretched then that is a good indication of whether you're keeping things simple or not. xxx