Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sometimes it's Good to Get Away

Last weekend we drove down to Charlotte to visit our friends Aline, Dwight, Josh and Bella. They moved away from Chapel Hill about two months ago, and took with them our best Brazilian connection, our reason to watch the Superbowl (to watch them watch the Steelers), the big screen TV that supported us through our Harry Potter movie marathon, our reason for doing big Brazilian feasts, and some really good friendship bordering family-ship.

On Saturday we explored a nature trail that circled around a small lake near their new home. We weren't sure how the big kiddos would do walking the entire way, but they were total troopers. It was perfect weather, a great time of day to be outdoors, and we had lovely company.

Bella and Josh hopped, skipped and jumped the entire way. Alongside the lake there were constantly things to keep the kids moving forward and exploring. When we started to sweat, it was that satisfying exercise for the sake of adventure type of feeling.

85 photos of the same pose later, we got a few decent family shots. Gigi is constantly observing her surroundings so the camera had to compete with a lot of other exciting little nature bits.

The yellowing leaves and the setting sun bathed us in honey glow for the last stretch of the trek. Ahhh... luscious lighting.

Dwight, Aline, Josh and Bella. We miss you already!

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