Friday, October 22, 2010

Annual Pumpkin Carve

Every year we do an annual pumpkin carve. This year we specifically invited a few of the newer younger couples in our ward so that we could all get to know each other better. It's amazing how much good conversation came out of an evening of carving pumpkins. With arms in pumpkin goop and our hands busy carving, we had hours to talk and I was so impressed with these new friends: one wants to start an art guild, one is an accomplished actress, and one is an entrepreneur. With good company and plates of really tasty pumpkin cream cheese turnovers that Krista brought, it was such a pleasant way to spend the evening.

Krista and Ertle made a scary face, Maria and Brinton cleverly brought a graphic printed out on paper which they traced to make their owl, I made a pumpkin, and Marianne and Steven made a Tarheel.


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bjahlstrom said...

I LOVE those pumpkins! The Tarheel is very creative...very...North Carolina! And the previous posts of Gigi grinning were just too much. I had to tear my eyes away from the screen so I could get back to work; otherwise, I would've been here all day.