Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shopping with Popularity and Power

I was never popular before I started shopping with Gigi. When we got to the front of the express lane yesterday, I apologized for miscalculating and having more than 20 items. The cashier lady just looked at me and said, "Listen, for a smile from that little girl, I would have let you come through with two thousand items".

Wow. Cuteness is power.


The Kammeyers said...

Delightful! I wonder if you could cut in line on occasion and have people simply smile at your adorable child?!... OK, probably not. :P

Also, LOVE the post from Marcos! Aaron and I definitely need to meet this guy - It's pretty sad that our paths haven't crossed often enough in the past few years. What a sweet tribute!

Heather said...

She is becoming so adorable!!

I get so many comments in grocery stores about Liam. A couple weeks ago he was yelling, "Wow!!" at all the lights in Smith's. Old people love it.