Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Revamping the track towards awesomeness

Babies change a lot of things.

One of the things that Gigi's arrival did for us was remind us to put our finances in order. At the beginning of the summer we started meeting with a Financial Advisor who helped us to get our life insurance rolling, and who instructed us about the smart ways we can interact with the financial world. (We are still working to have some money so that we can do smart things with it).

Suddenly, as we started learning about finances, we had concrete financial goals, and we started to write them down. And the financial goals reminded us about our home and then we had cleaning goals, and organizing goals, and doing goals, and creating goals, and moving goals, and then there were the long-time goals, the partnership goals, the individual goals and the weekly goals, and we filled an entire white board with lists of how we were going to become awesome.

And then I started working, and the road to awesomeness became a burden and not a joy. When I was home with Gigi full-time, I used the goal board to help me direct my free time, but when I started working, the board was a little too ambitious. It was time to reassess.

So last week we mapped out a more reasonable version of our track towards awesomeness. It still looks daunting on the white board because it takes up a lot of space, but this is baby steps compared to our summer ambitions (and frankly, half of it is little pictures)! With both of us busy with work and the baby, and a million other things, we have found a system that will match our current needs.


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