Sunday, September 12, 2010

Marcos Creates

The person you probably hear about most on this blog is Gigi. Then comes me. And then yes, I'm still married to Marcos and he still is the love of my life.

Along with Marcos' job and being a stay-at-home dad, and his online classes and his new calling in the Young Men's Presidency and as the Assistant Scout Master, he dabbles in the world of creating websites. Recently he created two websites from scratch, which totally amazes me, because I can barely bake from scratch, and most of the things I bake I burn.

The first website Marcos made was for Condie Construction Corporation, a local construction team of completely recommendation-worthy builders (and good friends of ours). The tricky part of this website was creating the function on his "projects" page so that the images of Condie's past work come up, cycle through a slideshow, and allow the viewer to get a glimpse of his gorgeous handiwork. I have learned through watching Marcos create websites that often, the simple things we use on people's websites represent hours and hours of programming before they function without a glitch.

The second website Marcos made was for Jo Garrett, our doula (birth coach) at Gigi's birth. She just started her company called Jo For Joyful Birth, and Marcos and I worked together to design her website. She said that she wanted her website to be very simple, with organic shapes and forms, and with the color scheme of dark brown, a teal, and a pumpkin orange. After letting my imagination run loose for a few minutes, I sketched on a piece of paper what I thought her website should look like, and Marcos started working from my sketch. We debated, we fixed things, and tried new things, and ultimately came up with a website we were all really happy with. It was fun to be involved in a creative project with Marcos, especially one in which we each brought something to the table: Marcos can create everything with programming and he is so talented with the technological aspect of things, and I have a highly untrained but slightly more natural eye for design.

Our current project is creating a website for Prieto Designs, which is ours! If you've ever browsed highly ranked websites, you might have noticed that the absolute most interesting and creative websites on the internet belong to website designers (for obvious reasons - who would want to do business with a company whose own website is horrible?). So, we are working on our own website very slowly but surely. With all of the other things going on, it is not at the top of the priority list, but sometimes we flirt with the idea of making this company a bigger part of our lives.

Who knows? Someday when we're living in Bermuda and need a break from sipping smoothies on the beach it may be just the right amount of getaway from our getaway from our getaway...


Angela said...

awesome- way to go Prieto team!

Heather said...

Wow! Marcos is busy. Still overflowing with energy, I hope.

I have to say guys -- I really like your logo for Prieto Designs. Clean and catchy. Maybe someday I'll see it all over the web :)