Monday, September 27, 2010

Aloha comes to North Carolina

We had the absolute joy of having family visit us last week. My Uncle John and Auntie Lani were in town from Hawaii to visit my cousin Hannah and her family as they celebrated the graduation of her husband from Special Forces Training (it was something like that). Living on the polar opposite side of the United States from Hawaii means that our visitors are few and far between, so we love it when family comes to town.

Uncle John and Gigi, my cousin Hannah, Sally her mother-in-law with Hannah's little girl Makena on her lap, me and my Auntie Lani. We met them at Duke Gardens and brought a big picnic to enjoy outdoors.

My Uncle John (my mom's older brother) was really taken with Gigi's pleasant nature, and most of the time we were together Gigi sat contentedly on his lap. We never know if our impressions of our child are the same as other people's impressions, so we were pleased that he found her so easy to be around.

It was so nice to be together with our Hawaii family again, and to show off the place we have made our home and the little girl we have brought into it. If everything goes as planned (and a few miracles occur), we should be seeing them again at Christmas time, next time back in Hawaii!

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Tay said...

Look at all those happy Hawaiians wearing sleepahs.